will taking cbd cause me to fail a drug test

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Will Taking CBD Cause Me To Fail A Drug Test?

March 26, 2019

Fear of failing a drug test is a real concern for CBD consumers and one of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Ignite CBD. Although CBD is a naturally occurring compound thatdoesn’t have mind-altering effects,used to provide relief for numerous ailments, and federallylegal nationwide, CBD consumers still worry about drug testing. Many CBD product labels state a product is “THC-free”, but include a disclaimer that the product could contain “trace” amounts of THC. It is important that you know what kind of CBD you’re consuming and ensure it has been properly tested.

We know it can all be confusing, so here’s a deep dive to set the record straight. Let’s get started by telling you a little more about our CBD here at Ignite.


Ignite currently uses high purity CBD isolate inall of our CBD products. CBD isolate is a purified crystalline powder of over 99% CBD molecules; the remaining mass % in CBD isolate is typically non-THC cannabinoids such as CBDa, CBC, and CBDV.

“We use CBD isolate to ensure 0.0% THC is present while delivering the therapeutic effects of CBD. CBD Sweets Ignite sources its CBD from premium North American suppliers to ensure the highest quality on the market” says Anthony O’Brien, Ignite Product Manager & Chemical Engineer.

The CBD at Ignite undergoes a rigorous testing process in compliance withthe FDA’s FD&C Act. Before adding raw CBD to Ignite products, the CBD is sent to a certified analytical lab for multi-panel testing including: cannabinoid %, terpene %, heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, microbials, and mycotoxins. The third party lab sends Ignite’s manufacturing partners an official COA (certificate of analysis) ensuring the raw CBD passes each test. Finished products are also third party batch tested to uphold product claim accuracy and compliance.


To get a better understanding of how employer drug testing works, we sought an expert intoxicology. #https://www.justcbdstore.com# Best Selling CBD Supplements from Just CBD StoreWe interviewedDr. Ted Simon, an independent trained neurophysiologist who runs his own toxicology consulting practice.

Most drug screens are only searching for one specificcannabinoidwhen trying to determine if someone has been using marijuana and that isTHC. CBD does not produce any psychotropic (“high”) effects. Therefore, it is not typically part of any standard drug screen. “Employers use a urine screening test for a metabolic product of THC,” Dr. Simon explains.

Because industrial hemp is allowed to contain “trace amounts” of THC, he says the better question should be, “Does CBD have enough trace amounts of THC to be detected on a drug screen?”

Unfortunately, Dr. Simon says that there is no clear-cut answer. The sensitivity of the test, your own metabolism and even how frequently you urinate could all become factors. “Without analysis of the actual product and the amount an individual uses, predicting the risk of flunking a urine drug screen is impossible.”

There are many articlesthat state the only way a person might fail a drug test would be if their daily CBD dosage was extremely high (over 1000 mg daily). That is an unusually high amount of CBD since just 100-200 mg daily is considered heavy usage. Dr. Simon says there isn’t solid enough research to confirm this and our product team here at Ignite agrees. “The amount of THC metabolites in your urine depends on a variety of factors including body fat, weight, metabolism, and water intake. Even at these max intakes, consumers using Ignite products shouldn’t worry about THC metabolites being present above the action limits for THC drug screens,” says O’Brien.

Because Ignite takes priority in analytical testing and thoroughly understanding our product specifications, we can assure our consumers there is 0.0% THC in any Ignite CBD product. “The bottom line is, if you consume Ignite’s CBD products, even the day of a THC drug screen test, you are very likely to pass the drug test; assuming you haven’t consumed THC products,” states O’Brien.

The human body is complex and so are most drug tests. Dr. Simon says that even things like poppy seeds and body wash could result in a false positive and believes many improvements need to be made when it comes to interpreting drug tests.

Dr. Simon emphasizes that buyers simply need to be aware. He offers some suggestions for consumers that want to continue to benefit from using CBD but still have concerns. “Human resource officers and medical review officers are, in my experience, uniformly without a clue when it comes to interpreting drug tests,” says Dr. Simon,

Dr. Simon adds that should you yield a false positive, you could also specifically ask that the urine sample be re-tested for CBD. “Methods to distinguish CBD metabolites from THCA in urine have been available since 1990 and continue to be updated. cbd vape blue razz Private drug testing laboratories do not seem to care about how the results of their tests are interpreted. Most medical review and human resource officers who often make life-altering decisions based on the testing reports too often fail to appreciate the nuanced approach needed to interpret drug test results correctly.”

If you feel comfortable, Dr. Simon adds that you should also consider being open and honest with your employer in advance. “The employee should state his or her legal use of CBD oil and let the HRO/MRO know that a false positive for THC-COOH is possible. Providing this information up front puts the employer in the position of needing the lab to conduct the CBD test. If this test is expensive, which is likely, the best possible outcome for the employee would be a canceled screening. Even without a cancellation, this information provides them a prior context for any positive result.”

Still paranoid? You could always perform your own test. “A worrier might take the extra step of a home urine test after using hemp oil. Whether the results of this test would match those at a drug test lab are not guaranteed,” concludes Dr. Simon.

In Short:Consumers are expected to fully understand what is contained in Ignite CBD products and make their own conscious decision. Because Ignite takes priority in analytical testing and thoroughly understanding our product specifications, we can assure our consumers there is 0.0% THC in all Ignite CBD products. Even at high consumption levels (100-200 mg a day), it would be highly unlikely that THC would register on a standard drug screen. Our experts say until more research is done and Human Resource Officers are more educated in interpreting drug tests, it is still a buyer beware scenario.

Are you an Ignite CBD user and had a drug screening? Tell me about your experience using the contact info below.

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