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Security officers and staff nonetheless smoke on campus, and I extremely doubt that can change. Smokers are individuals too, and can not be anticipated to quit as a solution.I think an individual centered strategy should be taken to cut back stigma put on people who smoke. Smoking is an dependancy, and must be handled with extra openness somewhat than sweeping it under the rug. Supportive and informative resources ought to be available at smoking areas, rather than posters likening smokers to “social farters,” (which was the tag line of a poster in the pembroke campus).

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For people who smoke, they really feel like there rights are being taken away.See #8You can’t cease folks from smoking, they’ll nonetheless smoke. dankstop rocky road fumed hammer bubbler ’t waste your money and time and just give them fewer areas they’ll smoke as a substitute of banning it completely.1. 2) More safety will be wanted to keep college students from smoking in-doorways in secret, corresponding to in gender neutral bathrooms, as individuals will probably danger doing it somewhat than going off campus. Such locations have no cameras and its simple to flush proof.the smokers just modified locations on the school from the car parking zone to the opposite facet of the collegeSmoking areasOver 1000 individuals reside in residence and it’s a giant ask for people to stroll completely off campus to smoke. Let individuals have their very own selections.having resources obtainable is keyYou are encroaching on your students private decisions.

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I suppose it would nonetheless be essential to maintain some special zone for folks smoking. Smoke free is nice, however not practical and doesn’t assist the bulk that smoke. Maybe a ventilated room could be design close to campus.I believe that that is important to have a smoke-free zone on campus because as a Pre-Health Nurse, I suppose it promotes their well being somewhat better. Secondly, it provides them a little self-control with their habits of smoking.

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There might effectively be a hashish smoking ban while nonetheless permitting college students to smoke cigarettes. It would be extra appropriate to make use of the identical tactics as prior to now to forestall smoking cannabis on faculty grounds. An all out ban to smoking is a lazy means out for the security.
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Sincerely a non smokerI don’t think digital smoking should be held to the same requirements as cigarettes or Cannabis. It’s a safer and healthier different to precise smoking and doesn’t give second hand smoke/most cancers.Be smarter.What stops people from smoking on campus? Vaporizers/electronic must be allowedUnless there are designated smoking areas, folks might be breaking this rule left and rightSmokers are going to smoke, banning it won’t stop them.

We should not only be smoking free but we should always begin transferring towards changing into habit free. So that we understand actual potential of the human thoughts. and the youthful generation shall be of some use to this nation, when time comes.1.) The size of entrance line workers’s and students breaks when walking in winter off campus to smoke shall be troublesome. Actually implement smoking rule adjustments volcano solid valve starter set instead of not following via on fines (outside studemt commons is “no smoking” yet 5-10 students are smoking at any time)I consider it’s necessary to contemplate the effects of tobacco smoke versus cannabis smoke on the folks near the smokers. For example, I find it much more difficult to stroll via a cloud of tobacco smoke than a cloud of cannabis smoke.

If they don’t need to quit then too badThere needs to be harsher crack downs on people still smoking on the campus grounds. It appears everyone nonetheless smokes, but no one of authority is willing to push the choice to go smoke free when someone is smoking on campus propertyReturn the policy to how it was. Not even 50 meteres away.As said in pervious comment, why can you pay the college to get as drunk as you need however not allowed to smoke hashish.

Thank you for displaying leadership in the College policy.Just dont do it, whats next no grease in kitchen? Or reside as hypocrites if that’s what suits you.Implement a |no smoking cannabis on college property coverage” on campus. We all know that’s why we will no longer smoke cigarettes.College is tense we are paying for a enterprise we must always have the ability to smoke in designated smoking areas like anyplace else. We really feel like we are being punished due to cannabis legalization.Smoking ought to be allowed in the permitted areas, just like the shelter’s.

I suppose they should be able to have unobscured entry to it (outdoors, of course)I’m OK with the smoking permanently coverage if that’s what you’re in to.Smoking has never been a difficulty on school grounds. It’s inconvenient and there is not simple to find a close by area. I even have heard some folks that they are going to stand in the course of the highway to smokePissed off smokersCaution of individuals smoking marijuana, and start to drive.Don’t wane. They’ll get used to students and faculty members are not going to quit smoking simply because the college is smoke free.

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-Dont waste cash on the coverage do it effectively and effectivelyNo issues, I like my clear air. 🙂better information to all about stop smoking programsPeople with addictions will nonetheless use so I help providing area outside away from the principle streets to smoke.all that is needed are designated smoking areas. It is important to accommodate ALL people of the varsity, not simply somemore security needed to forestall individuals from smoking infront of the concerning the health implication of smoking to even the non people who smoke… and the benefits of a non smoking campusCannabis problem. A smoke-free policy will discourage students from a bad habit, in addition to preserve the health of those around who select not to smoke.
This isn’t going to work and there might be a rise in stress for college kids and/or faculty memebers who smoke and I can garantie it.People shouldnt be smoking near doorways and enterances, however a complete ban is overkill. Treat adults as adultsInstall cigarette bins around the faculty if it’s not banned, especially the baseline station area. I don’t smoke myself but even I perceive that digital vaporizers produce no waste, and do not depart a long-lasting odor. This is a blanket ban of things the faculty is pretending to know tips on how to deal with and I assume they need to wait until the federal government has produced legal guidelines supporting these views as properly.May trigger some despair among smokers, but in the long run, it’s better for everybody.Make the deadline very clear for the smokers.1. People who smoke are unable to smoke as much since they have to get off the campus to smoke when some programs provide short breaks.

Overall, you may be negatively impacting students and workers to implement a coverage which most don’t agree with. If drinking alcohol is permitted on campus, smoking cigarettes should also be allowed. You should probable go down a level by level in direction of being smoke free because this is too quick to offer individuals time to adjustIf we wish a smoke free campus we need to enforce a smoke free campusPeople will still smoke where they need to. Author Bio

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http://www.oprah.comI believe implementing a coverage for smoke free canabis can be a better compromise then forcing tobacco users to not smoke on campus.
We pay to attend this place and so long as it’s not effecting other pupil then why ought to the school resolve. It’s not as if we’re getting payed to do work as a result of that may be completely different.
While it is great that folks aren’t smoking proper on the front door, they are nonetheless smoking near by. The main concern I even have with that is that there are not any butt cans and this results in people who smoke littering there butts on the bottom which bothers both me and most smokers as well. I really feel that whereas the Campuses have banned smoking they should nonetheless provide enough cans for disposal to prevent a adverse impression on the environment as well nucleus tetra dry herb vaporizer kit as it merely looking trashy and dumpy having old butts on the ground each where.N/AWho shall be monitoring smoking areas and handing out warnings or fines? Especially since no fines are ever handed out to discourage people from smoking in the non smoking areas close to entrances that already exist. Even given designated areas in the past, smokers quite frankly don’t care and smoke right next to the buildings to avoid weather and leave their garbage throughout.Smokers are just going to gather on the next closest out there location.
Money is being spent on something that is not an issue. Smoking will finally die out i don’t perceive dankstop blue quartz crystal stone pipe the necessity to kill one thing dying.
Anyone who is smoking the place it is not permitted could be fined. You can deny to allow canabbis, but Not permitting only tobacco cigerettes shall be and was by no means an issue.School is tense wnough. Not allowing us to smoke tobacco products on campus puts us extra on edge and less in a position to function successfully. This has brought on different students to look down on and judge those that must smoke to get by way of the day.
Security is going to spent most of this time inforcing one pointless rule. What benefit does a smoke-free faculty have.1.The ban shall be ignored by the bulk and a adverse relationship will kind between college and college students.
There should not be a ban on smoking on campus.Not agree as we must always have designated areas for smoking on our campusI think it’s stupid and rude to the individuals who wrestle with smoking cigarettes especially throughout exams and midterms. Smokers may not have healthy coping methods, however we shouldn’t be forced to quit or pressured to leave campus and walk round simply looking for a place to smoke. We’re stressed enough with college and due dates? Like come on.The penalty for smoking once the ban is in effect ought to be severe enough to dissuade people who smoke from ignoring the policyto consider this who want marijuana for aid and to function at schoolPeople will continue to smoke regardless.In Algonquin school, we will find students from virtually all age groups.
Lastly, all of us ought to understand that smoking might offer you many dangers of diseases and smokers spend most of their cash to purchase cigarettes, I believe having a smoke-free campus could possibly glass domes be helpful for them and their well being. I feel like now that smoking has been banned on campus, students at the moment are smoking in areas which might be less best.
There is nothing extra gross than people smoking near entrances (under 10 meters or so) and walking into their gross clouds. But someone must be available to chase them away or smokers will ignore indicators.Safety when forcing us to smoke on the highway. You are forcing college students farther out into the chilly to have their ha it.
I do not smoke, I actually have been without for 5 years. The implementation of the smoking ban is like saying you can’t enable folks in wheelchairs in certain areas of the constructing because it’ll harm the building. Smoking is an addiction and a psychological incapacity and the school is suppose to support mental well being issues, not simply stroll away as they’re obviously doing with the new ban.Enforcement is all the time probably the most tough problem. By not having designated area folks will smoke wherever now. People will smoke in campus no matter what.I actually wish to see that the college isn’t just putting this in place because of legalized cannabis.
Personally I imagine going smoke free is nice concept since smoking contributes nothing positive to anyone. Quite frankly it will be good to stroll round without having to smell cigarettes in all places.The non-smoking coverage must be enforced. If you will throw condoms around like candy, why not nicorette? If not at the primary entrance, then in much less populated areas.

  • Let them smoke, supplied they smoke within the designated areas.NoneI imagine there ought to be smoking sections which might be situated around the borders of the campus.
  • Not near any doors or buildingsYou may make some folks sad but I can’t think of any important points.Enforcement appears to be lacking, still a lot of people smoking.will case folks to be late to classThere should be more choices for people who smoke within the interim.
  • The college should proceed providing smoking areas as a result of folks will do it anyhow.
  • There ought to be designated smoking areas and more available information and help for students to stop smoking.NoneIt is literally none of the colleges business whether or not its students or employees smoke or not.
  • There ought to be a more gradual reduction on smoking earlier than it turned permanent.

Demeaning and offending people who smoke doesn’t assist anybody.Education about cessation programs.Don’t do it.1) If AC plans to remove smoking, why not eradicating alcohol too? Close the Observatory bar.strict actions should be taken against defaulters.makes it easier for people to smoke outside then insidehave a personal smoking area for many who have made that call. I suppose even if it’s banned folks will proceed to smoke on campus.People are still smoking close to the childcare Centre as they don’t have a delegated spot.

This coverage just isn’t supported by a majority of non-smokers among the many student body, and MUST be reviewed. I understand that the faculty does not want students to be inebriated during their courses, however there is already a licensed bar on campus the place they have been able to try this for years. This is a completely silly and quick-sighted transfer for the school to make, and it doesn’t have my help.Smoking is an habit, student who want to smoke will still smoke.

Smoking should be banned where there are children present nevertheless wherever else ought to be limited to sure areas (ie smoking shelters) in other words the faculty’s policy on smoking ought to keep the same just about)People nonetheless smoke over there. Give me a piece or three that wont irritate non people who smoke terribly…See earlier response. Understand that hashish users have been round far longer than this legislation. Smokers will smoke regardless.People are gonna smoke, now they are just going to go off campus which is a security concern.No one is going to listenMaybe distinct smoking areas, and if someone is smoking in a non smoking zone give them a ticket or warning. There ought to be a smoking area close to the college for the Tabbaco smokers And should be monitored.
Weed has very little impact on the human body in the long term. E-cigarettes haven’t had enough time to have any first rate analysis accomplished. Stop inconveniencing everybody’s minor addictionThe special needs of those who are over careworn and in want of reduction.
Now if from This group of people if 50% of the scholars are smokers, considering practically same scenario, it brings down the entire well being and psychological ability of this future era and future Canada to 50%. We should also perceive that at such young age students are vulnerable to life lengthy addiction of many injurious substances.
Why change one thing that was not damaged within the first place.Prohibition didn’t stop folks from consuming, and a smoke free campus is not going to stop people from smoking. All it’ll do is make individuals attempt more durable to cover it, both that or individuals will utterly neglect the rule totally. All one must do is take a look at the struggle on medication to see how banning any substance works out.It is a terrible idea that’s unfair to college students, staff and professors. This forces someone to stroll off campus to smoke, if late at evening or in secluded areas this is placing them in peril as it is not secure. Safety shall be a concern.There must be designated smoking sections on campus, and they need to be inforced.

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there will folks smoking and they will continue to smoke simply outside the boundaries of the college, continuing to throw their butts on the bottom. This could be solved by having a chosen smoking area with a place to dispose cigarette butts, this is what was in place earlier than.
A campus wide ban is a sledgehammer to smash a fly. Designated smoking areas is ok and has been working without problem. Cannabis legalization should not be impacting your selections.The college ought to do its finest to attempt to protect young students from cannabis.
Designated smoking areas guarantee that those that don’t wish to be affected. Even when you don’t wish to enable hashish on campus uts extra angering that you simply need to cease individuals from smoking cigarettes or e cigarettes. I smoke an e cigarettes not even that often but it’s the principle that anoys me. If it continues as launched you’ll anger many individuals I believe.Weeds authorized let us smoke weed it’s safer than cigarettes kinda stupidSmokers will feel unwelcome, extra wired and may even drop out due to it.
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Remove smoking areas close to entrances of buildings.I think there ought to be a chosen smoking space, whether or not on or off campus, that’s clearly defined and simple to get to. Right now if students have been actually off college property the only place they have to go is across a freeway.
Go again to the drawing board and start pondering in a way that’s inclusive of all folks and not unique to special interest groups. A very sad direction is being taken by an elitist group. To say I am dissatisfied yocan uni vaporizer within the administrations path is an understatement. Move the smoking areas, but don’t go smoke free. Algonquin actually owns a bar on campus and expects its scholar to be responsible and never present as much as class drunk.
You can’t drive someone to stop an dependancy by merely banning it upon your property. You are most likely going to have even more issues by the students going off campus to smoke in other areas that have been never smoking areas until now, thus you’re causing litter elsewhere. In the end it is higher to have specific shelters arrange with butt cans the place people can go to have their habit.

No cannnabis.folks will most likely still do it regardlessThank you a lot for casting an unnecessarily adverse light on smokers and treating us like black sheep. This is unethical and greater than doubtless an issue of human rights.Outright ban marijuana on campus, or confine it to particular areas like we do alcohol. Already statedJust please have clear guidelines and repercussions for violationsContinue this ban. People have the sources available to stop in the event that they need to.
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You can’t run and conceal to keep away from it; make correct rules about its use on campus.People are widespread people who smoke and so they have the right to smoke when they want and the campus wide ban is a violation of these rightsNoneN/AMultiple costs for the same textbook over the length of a programMake designated smoking spots. Stop sending e-mail s saying we cant smoke when even more individuals smoke now. Clearly the alternative of effectiveI suppose it shouldn’t be carried out.
The school ought to continue offering smoking areas as a result of individuals will do it in any case. The school should as a substitute ban cannabis as a result of that’s what they actually need.I really feel discriminated against as a smoker. Alcohol is permitted on campus with a chosen area, and I was proud of the designated areas for smoking so why ban smoking after marijuana is legalized?
I additionally think there should be somewhere to dispose of cigarette butts irrespective of if there’s a smoking place on campus or not.Maintain particular designated areas for smokingWhat is the argument towards not banning alcohol? Alcohol is just as, if no more, detrimental than hashish or tobacco. Just because it’s ‘socially acceptable’ in our culture, that is sending the incorrect message if the aim of the school creating this coverage is ACTUALLY ‘health’ related. Ban all unhealthy substances, not a select few.The have to enforce the no smoking policy, plenty of persons are smoking in the no smoking areas (some people standing on the no smoking indicators painted on the ground and smoking)People smoke.
It’s a matter of respect and giving a great example.Not all people who smoke cigarettes also smoke marijuana. A marijuana free policy could be higher than a ban on all smokingcannabis is an important medication to some people.
Weed is authorized now, identical to consuming, and smoking. I highly counsel going cannabis free if anything.Smoking has no real place within the issuesAir high quality is necessary. It would be great to not should walk past the people who smoke to get into the buildings.Can’t think of any points at the momentClear signs with fines to get people to follow the policy. Show where the end of campus is so people can avoid getting in bother.With as sturdy a conviction as I can express, I imagine tobacco consumption shouldn’t be needlessly included in these policies and banned from campus.
College is a studying opportunity to prepare students for success on the planet beyond… maybe we should always align with legal guidelines/provincial rules quite than just banning all together.Don’t do itBeing capable of eat hashish helps many student deal with sever onset anxiousness and stress that the college system creates. Treat cannabis use the same as alcohol use/consumption. Do not penalize cigarette smokers.To implement the coverage, people haven’t been respecting itThere isn’t any way to make everyone pleased. Anyone who doesn’t like people who smoke will be happy, those who don’t care will stay neutral, and those that smoke might be indignant.
Teachers, students late for classI dont see the need for a everlasting smoking policy when there are specific areas to smoke in the collegeI perceive marijuana makes you high, so you shouldn’t be smoking it in public locations. But, cigarette smoking outdoors, away from doorways causes no issues for anybody. I’m not a smoker, but I don’t assume it’s fair that they have to walk so far-off to smoke.

I also think forcing them to smoke so removed from campus makes it more unsafe. As of proper now there will typically be folks smoking proper by the doorways and it’s upsetting for meI feel the smoking space on the college was a much better different. Students returned to class on time and lectures we not disrupted after break from late college students returning.People are going to do it anyway as I don’t think people will be kicked out of faculty in any other case. This has been poorly thought out by the administration from prime to backside.
Let them smoke, offered they smoke within the designated areas.NoneI consider there should be smoking sections that are positioned around the borders of the campus. Not close to any doorways or buildingsYou may make some folks unhappy however I can’t consider any essential points.Enforcement seems to be lacking, still lots of people smoking.will case individuals to be late to classThere should be extra choices for people who smoke within the interim. There should be a more gradual reduction on smoking earlier than it grew to become everlasting. There must be designated smoking areas and more obtainable data and help for students to stop smoking.NoneIt is literally not one of the faculties business whether or not its students or staff smoke or not.
This choice may also negatively impression the people who find themselves contemplating attending this faculty. A smoker won’t wish to attend a university which does not enable smoking anywhere, at any time. I would also like to note that I have already personally seen staff members breaking this new no-smoking rule. I’ve additionally seen safety guards go away the school grounds to have a cigarette, and then return to the varsity to patrol. This is taking away from the time they might be patrolling the school and providing assist to college students.

To avoid growing a habit for this and other medicine is of a huge importance. I have kids at the college.People appear to imagine that it’s their proper to pollute the air for others. As an individual with a scent sensitivity and an allergy to smoke, I wholeheartedly help your decision to go smoke free. I know many is not going to, and I hope that you’ve got the means in place to be able to help this endeavor!
We will mainly discover students from 18 to 28 years of age. Now think of it as the fortunate youthful technology of this country attending school for their bright future. The way forward for this nation can be tied with this young lot. This truth makes this variety of most significance.
May a spot not too far but off campus would be better.Impact on neighbouring public areas and propertiesPeople are going to smoke wherever they want. In truth, it’ll just make it worse.On the Woodroffe campus, we have a bar/pub. If students need to get drunk between classes, they’ll. Does this mean that students show up drunk to courses?
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