Rufus – Los Angeles, CA

“Hi there, I spoke with Kate a few weeks ago about my pit mastiff Rufus, he is 11 years old and 100 lbs. He was in extreme pain. I had tried everything he was on three different pills to help, but nothing was cutting it. We hadn’t slept in a few days we felt so bad. cbd oil We didn’t want to put him down but couldn’t bare to watch him suffer. I remembered seeing the VETCBD information on the desk of one of the Drs. at the veterinary clinic where I work. # The Best CBD Drinks by Just CBD StoreI thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. grape glacier I gave me some VETCBD and it changed his life. He slept great, he wasn’t panting in pain, and he ate his food. He isn’t cured but the VETCBD has allowed us to enjoy him a few more weeks and most importantly he is pain-free. This little girl couldn’t be happier to have her big cuddle buddy feel better again! So thank you.”

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